Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have lived in university owned housing for the last 3 years. Part of the joys of university housing include not only mystery roommates and extremely used carpeting but also the necessity to move all of your earthly belongings at least twice a year.
Because of this we have taken to keeping all the boxes folded in some corner of apartment, a constant reminder of the fact that we will need to fit everything back into those boxes and carry them somewhere new.
So tonight, I started packing. This year I'm not going home for the summer but am staying in town. So I can't just toss everything in a storage unit and forget about it for 3 months. I need to move into the boyfriend's house for 2 weeks before I can move into my summer sublet. So I get to move 3 times this year, yay!
But as I was packing up a box of fall clothing and other things I can leave with my aunt this summer, I realized how much emotional baggage I've been holding onto in the form of clutter and other random pieces of clothing. Seeing how I am desperate to only keep what I really need and cut down on the stuff I need to carry around, I threw it all away.
There was more than I thought. Old clothing from when I was skinny that I secretly hope will fit again someday, band t-shirts and other red t-shirts that I won't be needing anymore, band tights and bloomers, and tshirts and presents from former boys. I absolutely do not need and will never wear any of these things again so why did I keep them so long?
But now they're all in the bin. It feels good.

and now to pack the rest of the apartment.
someday I would like to not have to move around so much.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Junior Year

Although I have been posting every few months or so, I never seem to write anything about my life here anymore. It's April, and that means that my Junior year at USC is nearly over.
I used to always say that Freshman year was the best year of my life, but I'm not so sure anymore.

This year I have:
*Treated an underlying health condition that has been holding me back for years
*Fallen in love
*Been loved and accepted
*Gotten an A in a difficult 4 unit course
*Landed a dream internship
*Worked 2 jobs
*Saved money
*Learned to keep my apartment tidier
*Chosen a concentration that inspires me
*Built a website and grown my hobby and my talent
*Gone on beautiful vacations
*Drove a 1000 mile road trip
*Dropped my minor to pursue art
*Realized that some things will never be the same

I'm not saying my year was perfect. There are things I wish I'd done and some things I regret.

What triggered this reflection?
Well I work up this morning and my lower back would.not.move. I dragged myself to class, was in boatloads of pain, and came home. I was texting with the mister explaining my agony and why I was staying home from work and 10 minutes later he shows up downstairs. He spent his lunch break skating over to see me and check to see if I would be ok.
It's things like that, that make me grateful.

It's been a beautiful year, and I'm looking forward to a beautiful summer.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Panic! In the Bakeshop

So I get terribly confused sometimes and accidentally thought that my good friend's birthday was the next day when actually it was the day before. *cringe*

Here is how to make an emergency cake in 1 hour!!!

buy a tiramisu at ralphs

trim to the desired shape.

make buttercream (i don't care if this is an emergency, frosting in a can is too nasty...) and cover the cake.

tint fondant and apply with white sprinkles! BAM! spam musubi cake in 1 hour!!!

Deliver to happy birthday boy with apologies and celebrate!!!

Happy Birthday Josh!!! I'm sorry it was slightly belated....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This was my first comissioned work ever!
Happy 20th Birthday Michael!

And this is the cake I made for the five family birthdays we have in October.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


that's all...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fight On!

Yea I'm back at SC!
I'm so happy to be back with everyone. I really missed these kids :D
Of course back to school means football season, so...
Gameday Cupcakes!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Ah babies. What odd little things. So much power in someone who can't even speak.
But anyway, I was asked to make a cake for my mom's friend's baby shower. So i thought about it and concluded that I strongly disliked all the overly cutesy, baby cradle, blocks, diapers, bottles and such that I saw on other baby shower cakes. I knew I couldn't make something like that and really enjoy it and therefore do a good job at it. So i sat and thought for a while and came up with the baby food concept you're about to see! It's lemon cake with cream cheese filling and a vanilla butter cream.

that's baby's very long full name going around the lid.

Fruit and veg cupcakes!

Mama and her cake. And yes she was happy with it ha ha.

The whole group.

and some detail shots. It was a lot of fun making all the little fruits and vegetables :)