Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Junior Year

Although I have been posting every few months or so, I never seem to write anything about my life here anymore. It's April, and that means that my Junior year at USC is nearly over.
I used to always say that Freshman year was the best year of my life, but I'm not so sure anymore.

This year I have:
*Treated an underlying health condition that has been holding me back for years
*Fallen in love
*Been loved and accepted
*Gotten an A in a difficult 4 unit course
*Landed a dream internship
*Worked 2 jobs
*Saved money
*Learned to keep my apartment tidier
*Chosen a concentration that inspires me
*Built a website and grown my hobby and my talent
*Gone on beautiful vacations
*Drove a 1000 mile road trip
*Dropped my minor to pursue art
*Realized that some things will never be the same

I'm not saying my year was perfect. There are things I wish I'd done and some things I regret.

What triggered this reflection?
Well I work up this morning and my lower back would.not.move. I dragged myself to class, was in boatloads of pain, and came home. I was texting with the mister explaining my agony and why I was staying home from work and 10 minutes later he shows up downstairs. He spent his lunch break skating over to see me and check to see if I would be ok.
It's things like that, that make me grateful.

It's been a beautiful year, and I'm looking forward to a beautiful summer.

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