Monday, August 4, 2008


Ah babies. What odd little things. So much power in someone who can't even speak.
But anyway, I was asked to make a cake for my mom's friend's baby shower. So i thought about it and concluded that I strongly disliked all the overly cutesy, baby cradle, blocks, diapers, bottles and such that I saw on other baby shower cakes. I knew I couldn't make something like that and really enjoy it and therefore do a good job at it. So i sat and thought for a while and came up with the baby food concept you're about to see! It's lemon cake with cream cheese filling and a vanilla butter cream.

that's baby's very long full name going around the lid.

Fruit and veg cupcakes!

Mama and her cake. And yes she was happy with it ha ha.

The whole group.

and some detail shots. It was a lot of fun making all the little fruits and vegetables :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008


as a note before i begin. i've never gotten flowers from anyone in my life (except my dad for my birthday). it's always made me a little sad to think that i've never found anyone romantic enough to give me flowers.
and now onto today's story.

i went for a walk this morning along the beach and into a little park. there are flowers growing everywhere here. plumeria trees, hibiscus, vines that creep and cover everything and are decorated with round purple flowers, flowers with gossamer thin petals or thick waxy ones. flowers from hawaiian myths about gods and goddesses. don't piss off ancient hawaiian goddess or she will take you and your lover and make you into a flower, then split you in half and send half to grow by the ocean and half to grow in the mountain. the bushes bloom into fat glossy white berries and little white flowers that are exactly half a flower. like a daisy with petals on one side. the flowers with petals that grow on the other side grow in the mountains. there are little red flowers on trees and crown flower trees in the park. crown flower trees just like there used to be at my elementary school. and we'd pick the fat fuzzy caterpillars that ate them and keep them in jars until they became monarch butterflies. The smell of that park, between the butterflies and the lawnmower smelled just like recess back when i was young. it's easier to see the beauty now.
the beauty in the little fish in the lagoon. even the beauty in the assorted sizes and shapes of tourists that were just beginning to swarm the area. i like to go early before they're all there and covering everything and before the sun soaks it all in heat. in the morning the colors are clear and the air isn't too full of sunscreen smell and heat.
and that's when i realize that i don't need someone to go pay for flowers and bring them to me dead in a box. that my island has been giving me flowers with every step i take my whole life here.
and i've just been too blind to see it.
today i got flowers. and i'll get them everyday for the next 2 weeks i'm here. and everyday i come back in the future.
sometimes i think you're given everything you need. you just need to realise what that is