Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have lived in university owned housing for the last 3 years. Part of the joys of university housing include not only mystery roommates and extremely used carpeting but also the necessity to move all of your earthly belongings at least twice a year.
Because of this we have taken to keeping all the boxes folded in some corner of apartment, a constant reminder of the fact that we will need to fit everything back into those boxes and carry them somewhere new.
So tonight, I started packing. This year I'm not going home for the summer but am staying in town. So I can't just toss everything in a storage unit and forget about it for 3 months. I need to move into the boyfriend's house for 2 weeks before I can move into my summer sublet. So I get to move 3 times this year, yay!
But as I was packing up a box of fall clothing and other things I can leave with my aunt this summer, I realized how much emotional baggage I've been holding onto in the form of clutter and other random pieces of clothing. Seeing how I am desperate to only keep what I really need and cut down on the stuff I need to carry around, I threw it all away.
There was more than I thought. Old clothing from when I was skinny that I secretly hope will fit again someday, band t-shirts and other red t-shirts that I won't be needing anymore, band tights and bloomers, and tshirts and presents from former boys. I absolutely do not need and will never wear any of these things again so why did I keep them so long?
But now they're all in the bin. It feels good.

and now to pack the rest of the apartment.
someday I would like to not have to move around so much.

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Sarah said...

Spring good for the soul!