Sunday, October 26, 2008


This was my first comissioned work ever!
Happy 20th Birthday Michael!

And this is the cake I made for the five family birthdays we have in October.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


that's all...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fight On!

Yea I'm back at SC!
I'm so happy to be back with everyone. I really missed these kids :D
Of course back to school means football season, so...
Gameday Cupcakes!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Ah babies. What odd little things. So much power in someone who can't even speak.
But anyway, I was asked to make a cake for my mom's friend's baby shower. So i thought about it and concluded that I strongly disliked all the overly cutesy, baby cradle, blocks, diapers, bottles and such that I saw on other baby shower cakes. I knew I couldn't make something like that and really enjoy it and therefore do a good job at it. So i sat and thought for a while and came up with the baby food concept you're about to see! It's lemon cake with cream cheese filling and a vanilla butter cream.

that's baby's very long full name going around the lid.

Fruit and veg cupcakes!

Mama and her cake. And yes she was happy with it ha ha.

The whole group.

and some detail shots. It was a lot of fun making all the little fruits and vegetables :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008


as a note before i begin. i've never gotten flowers from anyone in my life (except my dad for my birthday). it's always made me a little sad to think that i've never found anyone romantic enough to give me flowers.
and now onto today's story.

i went for a walk this morning along the beach and into a little park. there are flowers growing everywhere here. plumeria trees, hibiscus, vines that creep and cover everything and are decorated with round purple flowers, flowers with gossamer thin petals or thick waxy ones. flowers from hawaiian myths about gods and goddesses. don't piss off ancient hawaiian goddess or she will take you and your lover and make you into a flower, then split you in half and send half to grow by the ocean and half to grow in the mountain. the bushes bloom into fat glossy white berries and little white flowers that are exactly half a flower. like a daisy with petals on one side. the flowers with petals that grow on the other side grow in the mountains. there are little red flowers on trees and crown flower trees in the park. crown flower trees just like there used to be at my elementary school. and we'd pick the fat fuzzy caterpillars that ate them and keep them in jars until they became monarch butterflies. The smell of that park, between the butterflies and the lawnmower smelled just like recess back when i was young. it's easier to see the beauty now.
the beauty in the little fish in the lagoon. even the beauty in the assorted sizes and shapes of tourists that were just beginning to swarm the area. i like to go early before they're all there and covering everything and before the sun soaks it all in heat. in the morning the colors are clear and the air isn't too full of sunscreen smell and heat.
and that's when i realize that i don't need someone to go pay for flowers and bring them to me dead in a box. that my island has been giving me flowers with every step i take my whole life here.
and i've just been too blind to see it.
today i got flowers. and i'll get them everyday for the next 2 weeks i'm here. and everyday i come back in the future.
sometimes i think you're given everything you need. you just need to realise what that is

Monday, July 28, 2008

Facebook Status

Why did I stop updating?
For the moment I just feel like it's self-indulgent.
To think that it's worth your time to read teh transient thoughts that wander through my mind.
So for now I leave you to bigger things.
When I have something to truly enrich your lives I'll be back.
But for now all I have are stories.
flowers in hawaii
the end of love
bad photographers
careless brides
and endless wedding roses that will always make me smile.

this has been the summer of beauty that I never realized was there.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding Roses

This morning there were two little pink roses left on the table after the wedding cake left. I guess these two wern't perfect enough to go. But they were perfect enough to go in my hair, so I spent all day running around making beautiful things with two little pink wedding roses pinned into my hair.
It was perfect.
Flowers meant for love must be good luck because as of right now my life is as perfect as those roses, not without flaws but perfect to me.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Circadian Rhythm

Mine has obviously gone insane.
Yesterday I slept 14 hours.
Last night 4
oh well

Tell me

From an email I sent previously:
I didn't really realize until right now how important it is for everyone to have someone to tell. It doesn't matter what it is, but people, myself included, really need to be able to tell someone about whatever it is that's bothering them. I was talking to a friend tonight and he kept hinting that something was wrong with him and it involved this girl but he didn't really want to talk about it, and then today after just talking for a while he suddenly spills his entire story and how he's so heartbroken and shares all of this emotion with me. He didn't really want any feedback or advice about it. I feel that he needed to tell someone about what was hurting him so badly.
Sometimes I feel bad because I don't always have the answer to their problems or some kind of insight that will help them find their own answers. Now I realize that the most important part about having someone share these kind of things with you is not that you need to give them an answer, you just need to be there to listen and you need to allow them the time that they need to open up and talk about whatever it is that's on their mind. The fact that they've told someone seems to help them more than any advice they could receive.

Thank you to everyone who has shared with me and everyone who has listened to me no matter how irrational I may sound.

Tonight I would give alot to be back in Los Angeles. I just dont have $800 to give. I miss you all so much.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Adventures in Bakeland

It's fun times at the bakery when I'm working. Although their style is not quite what I would do if I had complete creative control, some of it is cure and it's a good place for me to start and work on my basics over and over and over again. I'm learning what it takes to run a bakery and I also get to make note of things I would do differently. Creative differences aside, I'm a total shutterbug at work. Check out some of the snaps I took of things I've made at work!

I think this might be what love looks like :) rainbow sprinkles on a chocolate cupcake.

little tiny cherry tarts

can you spot my initials?

dolphin sugar cookies

everything I make I seem to make billions of. Creativity in mass.

You should have seen all of the gumpaste flowers I made that day. An endless field of baby pink flowers on a shiny stainless steel countertop.

I liked these cupcakes. Everytime I make a cupcake design that's different from their standard this one person gets a bit miffed. Does no one else crave variety?!
So those are just a few. I've also iced countless cakes in buttercream and whipped cream and baked tons of cookies. I really do enjoy my job now. I dont make as much money as I did before and I'm working much longer days but I have fun while I'm there.
Other sound bites from my life:
*Today a customer told me that I look like Cinderella. I get a surprising number of compliments at work. People can be so nice sometimes :)
*I want to open up the West Coast version of Charm City Cakes ;)
*I might be going hiking tomorrow (I hate hiking but I really love these people so I'll go anyway)
*I'm a million times happier and generally better this summer than last summer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

At last!

I'm happy with a cake!!!

This has NEVER happened. By the time I'm finished I've found some reason to hate it. lumpy here, torn here, something wrong with it that makes me want to throw it against a wall. But today, at last, i've finished a whole piece and I'm very happy with it.

I present, the creation of Hello Kitty (misty don't look cause this is your cake!)

have you ever seen such cruelty!!

the skeleton


I hate it. It's sooooooo ugly. look at that awful streaky green paint and the ugly face. I hate it.

naked again. I had to rip off the head and cut it all off.

Much better :D


cupcakes I made to go with Hello Kitty.

My masterpiece :)

I love it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Like Bottle Caps in my Pockets

Sometimes my friends impart some very wise words of wisdom to me.

"your enthusiasm, attitude and perspective are going to get you everything your heart desires"

"find what makes you happy and cling to it. life is too short not to"

and like the bottle cap that i inevitably find in every single pair of jeans i own, these thoughts will stay nestled into the corners of my mind until I come across them and be flooded with the good warm memories of these friends and all the love they've sent me in the past.

tomorrow is shopping and baking and a hair model gig. and maybe a few more bottle caps

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jessica Mopping

So I had to wash the floor today at work. major ick, it totally changed color. who knew it was concrete down there and not black?! So anyway they told me to mop and it became very apparent that I have never mopped a floor before. I felt like Jessica Simpson trying to clean. I was just kind of shoving that huge, heavy, dirty thing around. Oh well it got done but a word to the wise: I don't do housework. Cooking yes. Cleaning no.

The hottest guy came in today *swoon*. he's a vendor so he should be back ;)

I saw "Son of Rambow" last night. It was amazing. So funny. See it.

In other news:
*I'm working out again. alot. my lats hurt...
*I crack my gum
*The cat at work will only drink water if i put his dish right under the faucet. Bloody neurotic cat. cute though...


Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm just a head in a box on the table...

I got to skype with my best friends tonight with my webcam! It was so nice to talk to them and see their faces. I love them so much! Even if I wasn't really at the party, my face was on the laptop screen on the table. I felt like a Harry Potter painting, a living picture, just my head in a box on the table, lauging and talking to everyone.
It's not like being there.
But for now it's as close as I can get.

In other news:
* I got compleatly owned by a rogue wave at the beach and I wasn't even in the water.
* I'm making a "do not disturb" sign next time I go to the beach.
* I've sent 300 text messages in 5 days.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Peroxide Love

I have a tendancy to talk about things alot but never do them. This summer I'm changing all that.
I've wanted to dye my hair platinum for over a year now.
Yesterday, I finally did it!



I love it!!!

In other news I want to go back to Los Angeles so bady. My 2 best friends are having a really hard time and I just want to be there for them. I feel like there's only so much i can do from a computer or phone. I want to hug them!!! and it's going to be more than 70 days till I can do that and that breaks my heart.

Work is going fairly well. It's feeling more like work now than it did at first.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Haha! My own Blog!

How terribly trendy...

Welcome to my office. Now anyone, at anytime, can come and read about all the dreadfully exciting things that happen in my life and all of my brilliant insights on life and love and anything else I feel like! Just what the world needs.

At the moment I'm back at home with my parents in Hawaii for summer vacation. I've just finished my sophomore year at USC and it has been the most fabulous 2 years of my life. I've probably learned more from the wonderful (and not so wonderful) people that I've met than I learned in my classes. I just got a job here working in a popular bakery that makes most of the wedding cakes on the island. I love this job. The fact that yesterday I got paid to bake and decorate sugar cookies all day is absolutely beyond me.

that's all for now.